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Revolutionising Contractor Management

Fully Automated System

Oncover Contractor Management System is changing the face of contractor management. No longer do Principals need to worry about the head aches of chasing contractors for insurance documents. Oncover Contractor Manager will reduce your risk and cut administration time saving you thousands. Try us now.

Three Easy Steps

Oncover is designed to make life easy not just for Principals but also your valued Contractors. Saving everyone money and time.

Multi Platform Access

Oncover Contractor Management System is designed to be deployed in the office on pc, onsite via a tablet/laptop or on the run via the mobile ap. Project Managers have access to Contractor status and information at their finger tips at all times. 

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Oncover Contractor Management is so certain you will benefit from our system long term we are happy to give you a 12 month free trial. 

The Information You Need

Oncover Contractor Management System gives you the information you need when you need it. Monitor Insurance, Quickly Access Live Certificates, Access Contractor Details and Service Information. Everything you need to know about contractors are at your finger tips. Everywhere, all the time. 

Simple Interaction Experience

Oncover Contractor Manager is easy to use. We are doing the heavy lifting in the background with our automated link, monitoring and communicating. The information is fed to you via easy to use and understand interface.

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Oncover Contractor Management is an innovative system that is simple for you to use. Increase Efficiency. Reduce Administration Costs. Improve Risk Management. All in one program. 

The Most Powerful Contractor Management Software. Say hello to Oncover.

Innovation in your Compliance System

Do you know if your contractors have insurance? Did they miss a insurance payment and now have no insurance?  Stop the guessing game with contractors insurance status and experience the “Oncover Difference”.

The Oncover Difference


Blowing the Risk Management ‘Myth’: Why Your Current Contractor Management System is a False Security

Although there are a number of outsourced contractor management solutions available on the market, most rely on outdated manual processes in an attempt to ensure contractor insurance compliance.  This lends additional time and inconvenience to what should be a streamlined, hassle-free process. Many of these systems are also overpriced for what they deliver, and while they might tick some of the right boxes ultimately they provide no assurance your contractors are insured all year.


Discover the Oncover Difference

The Oncover Contractor Risk Management system is a flexible, online platform solution.  Our cloud-based software provides a detailed overview of your contractors’ current insurance status, updating automatically to provide you with up-to-the-minute information at the click of a button.  This makes it easy to ensure contractors are complying with their relevant legal obligations, as well as meeting other cost and scheduling requirements.

The benefits of such a system have significant real-world implications.  By way of an example, let’s say one of your contractors submits their liability insurance certificate to your contractor management agency or risk manager, who correspondingly updates their account to a status of ‘Approved’ for the next 12 months.  Shortly after providing their certificate of currency, however, the contractor misses their monthly insurance payment.  Their insurance lapses, yet according to your risk manager they have the all-clear as there is no record of their coverage having been cancelled.

The next month, that same contractor has an accident on one of your job sites and a member of the public is permanently paralysed.  A claim against the contractor and yourself as the principle is made in court, and as the contractor is without either insurance or assets  your company could be exposed to the full loss!  

Yes, this is a worst-case scenario, but accidents of this sort to varying degrees can and do happen every day and recent court cases have run into the millions of dollars.  However, our cutting-edge contractor monitoring option ensures mistakes like this are a thing of the past, notifying you immediately of any potential risks and enabling you to take the proper mitigating steps well ahead of time.  You might not realise it, but having the right contract management system in place could ensure the livelihood of your business.

This is the Oncover Difference.  It’s absolutely free to trial for 12 months.

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